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With today’s job market being so competitive, a “black mark” on an educational resume can have severe consequences far into the future. Any college student charged with a serious violation of their school’s Code of Student Conduct, especially when they could face suspension or expulsion, should hire an attorney to represent them.

Canandaigua college & academic disciplinary attorney Richard Roxin represents college students in all types of academic disciplinary matters. If you have been charged with violating your school’s Code of Student Conduct, or are facing the threat of disciplinary action for any other reason, attorney Richard Roxin can help you understand your legal options and ensure that rights are protected. If you would like to discuss your case, call The Law Office of Richard C. Roxin to schedule a free consultation today at (585) 943-5677.

What College & Academic Disciplinary Attorney Richard Roxin Can Do For You

Attorney Richard Roxin has years of experience handling academic disciplinary cases. He can help you understand whether it is in your best interest to contest the charges, or whether you should focus on minimizing the penalty. Richard understands how damaging serious academic violations can be to a student’s record and fights hard to contest charges when a student is innocent. In cases where a charge cannot reasonably be contested, Richard can help you to negotiate the most lenient penalty possible.

The role an attorney can play depends on the procedural rules put in place by the school, whether a school is public or private, and the type of offense that the student is charged with. Generally, students at public schools have stronger due process rights than students at private institutions. Students facing disciplinary action from public schools generally have a right to have an attorney present at any disciplinary hearings.

How active an attorney can be in these hearings depends on school policies, but in most cases a student can confer with their attorney throughout the hearing. In some cases, an attorney can negotiate directly with a disciplinary board, but in other cases this is not possible. Richard carefully prepares for disciplinary hearings and vigorously represents his clients to ensure that the process is fair.

At some private institutions, however, it is not possible to have an attorney present at hearings under the school’s policies. In these cases, attorney Richard Roxin meets with clients to help them understand the school’s substantive and procedural rules to prepare them for a hearing beforehand.

College and academic disciplinary attorney Richard Roxin has represented students accused of academic dishonesty, violations of Codes of Student conduct, and criminal acts. Whatever the nature of your situation, Richard can analyze the facts of your case and explain your options to you. Every case is different, and Richard works hard to give each client the individualized attention that their case deserves.

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If you are facing academic disciplinary action, having the assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected. If you would like to discuss your case, call The Law Office of Richard C. Roxin to schedule a consultation at 585) 943-5677 today.

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